2YO working male Kelpie


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2 year old male kelpie has been muted.

Keen as yard/shed dog backs an runs races. Has commands left, right, speak, back ,get up and over.Mainly been around sheep due to me keeping away from cows as used him as sheep dog but always took intrest in them on farm and wouldn’t take long to pick up as they are just a natural stock dog working ethier. 


Good manned respectful and been around kids since pup.I got from stud down Christchurch at 8 weeks and he’s just been to work ever since basically and learnt off other dogs and other farmers basically,through experience.Both parents are papered and have strong working lines .His ears didn’t prick think was one of the main reasons I was able to get him.Take nothing away from at all ready to work under any circumstances.Highly intelligent,quick learning and very agile .Loves to work things out for himself with minimal commands.I don’t have the time or stock work for him as situations have changed and he deserves to be doing what he dose best working stock and just being a genuine good mate and asset to the both owner and farm.


Best contact would be my cell or on here.

0278459500 flick text and il get back to you can ring might not answer be out shearing.He has worked in the sheds with my gang helping the presser sheepo since I got him and I used him for smaller lifestyle jobs that required dog to get in and with own stud suftex flock and general farming he basicly just comes everywhere.Ust to other dogs in a working sense is quite keen to prove he’s the man in this situation with other dogs and generally dose this but I think With the right owner he would definitely grow even more from what he is now just needs fine tuning and more time working stock and better sense of routine and farm life.He will work for anyone but is a loyal dog and 9 times out 10 just working hard to prove this loyalty to his owner.Ust to sleeping in kennel and run aswelll.


No time wasters or silly offers have spoken to few dog blokes so yeah save your time and mine.


Have more photos and vids ect just few older ones of when he was bit younger.


Open to all respectful offers


Located Hawkes Bay,Can arrange shipping ect.


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Published: April 6, 2024
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