Well breed heading dog pups


9 weeks old

A litter of well-bred heading dog pups, their parents are tried and proven working dogs of the high country. Both are on my team ( sire and dam are in the first photo), the sire is my main stay and has won 1st heading dog in the local dog trial several times. He was bred by a dog trialist from Omarama. The mum is my up and coming main stay heading dog and is from Richard (Dick) Carmichael line of dogs (as you can see from the breeding of her sire’s line in photo 3), that is now carried on by his son, Bruce’s Carmichael. Both of her parent’s were NZ National trial dogs, the mum’s name is Dee.

Both parents are strong eyed, with the mum more medium to strong eye. Hard working and loyal.

A litter of nine pups, Very well socialized with humans, all are very friendly. They are a mixture of classic Black and white pups, along with tricolour ( the tricolour comes from the Female  line, who is classed as white and tan, as shown in the breeding). There are 2 male’s and 4 female’s available. Born on January 30th. They started on solid foods at 4/5 weeks while still on their mother’s milk. A combination of Black hawk pup biscuits, Mighty mix concentrate and butch dog roll, to ensure healthy devotement of rapidly growing pups. They have had there their first vaccines ( pavo and Kennel cough), and due to have there second pavo at 12 weeks. They are colour coded with their identifying collars, as shown in the photo.

Pups in photos are in order to their collars. B&W stand for “Black and white” and the others are tricolour dogs.

Pup 1: White collar, Male, B&W.

Pup 2: Pink collar, Female, Tricolour.

Pup3: Yellow collar, Female, Tricolour.

Pup 4: Orange collar, Female, Tricolour.

Pup 5: Blue collar, Female, Tricolour.

Pup 6: Brown collar, Male, B&W.

If interested or want to know more, PM me, or contact me at 022 493 4699.

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Published: April 5, 2023
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