Foxy puppies


7weeks old





1 girl  Sold 

2 boys 


These pups are going to make amazing family members , hunting companions or guard dogs.



The mother ( Poppy) 


Is a miniature fox terrier who has a terrific personality and is great with our one-year-old daughter. She has been with me and our family since she was eight weeks old and has never missed a beat. She is the sort of dog that loves a good cuddle on the couch but then also loves going out on farm and hunting for rabbits or possums. 



The father ( Horse) 


Horse is a full fox terrier and is an awesome dog and the sense that he is also great with our one-year-old daughter and loves a good cuddle on the couch but also enjoys going outside like Poppy. He is  very good with other dogs. ( we are farmers so have 9 other working dogs to hang out with) Horse is also very keen on playing fetch with our daughter and they are best of mates. He’s also keen to go to work with my husband and chase some possums and rabbits when he gets the chance. He will also on the occasion help out if there is a stubborn bull or cow that need shifting. 



These pups will be a terrific addition to a family that are knowledgeable on the needs of fox terrier puppies 


We have had litters in the past and everyone has only great things to say about them. 


They are be regularly wormed and weaned 


will get more updated photos of them


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Published: May 23, 2023
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