10 month old dog


Tony is a 10 month old hunterway dog i bred.

He is the pup my dad kept but when dad didn’t take him out I started taking him instead leading to the issue of he now won’t work for dad with me around and also will run to wherever I am on the farm.

He should shape up to be a pretty good yard dog hes started backing recently and has a lot of confidence and energy. Also is pretty natural out in the bigger pens too. He loves the yards but since he’s still young I try not to over use him, but he would just go all day if I let him.

If I didn’t have one the same age I’d keep him but obviously have put more time into my own dogs and don’t need two.

Hasnt done a lot in the paddock or training paddock. Has a sit down and a wallago but mainly just got him out in the yards and pushing sheep up lanes though i took him with me daily and let him have the odd go on mobs.

He is fixed because I have all bitches so was easier to just get his nuts out, hasnt changed his personality at all.

Both parents are awesome work dogs with good natures and well bred.


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Published: April 1, 2023
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